We are a US based business and we specialize on assisting single-office companies like yours, by providing software solutions that are not suitable to be built in an in-house fashion.

This pandemic has challenged business owners to re-think their strategies to optimize their resources and stay on float. We have specialized on custom client/supplier databases, estimators, data import/export from/to platforms to local pc’s, data handling in general, outbound/inbound call registration, manufacturing logs, construction proposal builders, and so on. However, whatever is the technical/software expertise that you need reach out to us and we’ll tell you whether or not this is something we can provide you with.

If either we do not have any availability for what you require, or our history isn’t associated to it, we can bring into our office someone who can do it and help your business. We will hunt a competent software professional if you can commit to a long-term deal. We will offer a 2-month trial period for you to be sure the specialist we brought in is fulfilling your expectations.

Our promise is to bring to you the best you can get at a significantly lower cost compared to having a local in-house employee of parallel knowledge and experience. In many US markets there’s a shortage of these professionals and you may need to hire remotely anyway. We can do this because we hire outside of the US market and bring these professionals into one of our controlled and supervised overseas offices where they will be provided with all the resources that they need.

If you happen to have hired a team of 3 or more with us you can request a separate space and access to a surveillance camera so that you can monitor your workers in real time. In some cases 3 with software experts with us come at the cost of just 1 in-house worker with a comparable degree of knowledge and expertise.

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