Sun Health Center is an outpatient treatment provider that offers specialized services in brain optimization, mental health, and recovery. Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, we strive to improve your neurological health, brain function, and overall quality of life. With a team of nationally renowned neuro, medical and clinical professionals, we restore your mind functions and help you recover from mental health disorders, stress, addiction, prescription drugs, alcohol, traumatic injuries, etc. Our advanced neuro-therapies include neurostimulation therapy and neurofeedback training that shows quicker improvements for healthy brain functioning and neurological recovery. With our intravenous therapies, we help address vitamin deficiencies that are restricting your mind and body to achieve peak performance. Our ketamine infusion therapy has proven to be a quicker treatment method for major depression and other mental health symptoms. With our telehealth services, you can keep up with your mental recovery programs without compromising your work or family life. It also adds a layer of privacy and allows you to avail psychotherapy and psychiatric services from the comfort of your home. We take immense pride in our skilled and dedicated team of doctors, therapists, and specialists who strive to enrich your lives with health and happiness. For details about our services, visit our site at &

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